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Bike7 Clean water based cleaner 1Litre
Colour: transparent amberOdour: pleasant fresh odourCondition at room temperature: liquidFlammability: non-flammableSolubility: fully water-solublePH: 9Biodegradable: yesShelf life: 12 months, dry, cool and frostfree
Bike7 dry lube
Long term lubrication for dry weather conditions.FEATURESAfter thorough cleaning you need to lubricate your bicycle. Most lubricants are not pressure-resistant. this means the lubricating effect is lost as soon as pressure is exerted. so choosedurable lubrication with lubricate.Lubricate is a...
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Bike7 Dry lube ultra thin lubricant
For use in dry dusty conditions where other oils would catch dirt and build up grime causinf excessive wear and drag on your drivetrain.Colour: transparent/amberOdour: distinctiveCondition at room temperature: liquidTemperature resistance: -25°C tot +300°CAdditives: PTFERelative density at 20°C: 0,885Shelf life:...
Bike7 E-Care - Essential for Every Electric Bike
ESSENTIAL FOR EVERY ELECTRIC BIKE   Clean  Lubricate Protect Use: Apply to bike (except disc brakes), allow to work and polish off.
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Bike7 five step bike care pack
Size:  Item TEC7 BIKE7 IS A RANGE OF HIGH QUALITY MAINTENANCE PRODUCTS SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR YOUR BIKE FROM CLEANING TO LUBRICATION OF ALL WORKING PARTS.This Pack contains your 5 step bike care solutionStep1 ; Degrease your drivetrain by applying degreaser...
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BIKE7 Lubricate quick Dry
Solvent free: apply, wipe off and leave.Drop bottle: for perfect and economical dosing.Very low friction coefficient, very high lubricating capacity.Resistant to high mechanical stress.Formulation for demanding (competition level) conditions.Strongly reduces the addtraction of dirt and dust.
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Bike7 Pro Wax Chain Wax
FEATURES Solvent-free wax emulsion for optimal chain lubrication, precise shifting and noiseless transmission. Easy longterm maintenance. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Apply to clean, dry chain. 2. Clean if necessary with Degrease and Clean, rinse and dry. 3. Apply two layers of Pro...
Bike7 Protect and Shine
INSTRUCTIONSAfter cleaning your bike with Clean, apply Shine & Protect to the complete bike (first cover up your disk brakes with a cloth).Rub down with a slightly damp microfiber cloth.Shine and protect works really well on modern matt finishes as...
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Bike7 Solvent based Degreaser 500ml
For Use on all parts needing oil and grease build up removed.Fast acting and in-depth degreaser.Removes adhesive residues, tar and asphalt spatter, oil, grease and wax, and chemical contaminants.Safe on all bicycle components.Removes stains on matte surfaces, lubricants, wax, etc.Easy...
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