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Clarks Stainless Steel Brake Cable Tandem
CLARKS LONG LIFE brake cable, stainless steel, for V-BRAKE brakes. Compatible with SHIMANO, AVID, SRAM, TEKTRO brakes Bike Compatibility : MTB, Road, Hybrid The length of the cable is as much as: 3060mm , which is enough for TANDEM type bikes or you can shorten...
BBB BCB-91 VeePipe Kit
Aluminium V-brake pipes including rubber covers.
Shimano Dura ace RS900 Road gear cable set, Polymer coated inners, RS900 outers.
Complete top-of-the-range gear cable set designed to suit Dura-Ace R9100 gears Fitting new gears or completely overhauling your gear cabling couldn't be easier - everything you need in one pack Includes 1.2 mm Polymer coated inner wires (1 x 2100...
Shimano Dura-Ace OT-RS900 Rear Mech Outer Cable Housing 240mm
240 mm, 4 mm diameter SIS OT-RS900 outer cable casing specifically developed for Dura-Ace R9100 rear derailleur More pliable than SP41 outer casing, designed to work specifically with the Dura-Ace R9100 Shadow derailleur without B-tension spring Lubricated internally along its...
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Shimano EW-SD300 Di2 Electric Wire
The removal of traditional mechanical cables in favour of electrical wires not only eliminates poor shifting caused by contaminates, corrosion and stretching, but provides effortless gear shifts E-tube STEPS EP8 uses a fully removable individual cable system enabling fine tuning...
Campagnolo Ultra-Shift and Power-Shift Cable Kit
The Campagnolo Ultra Shift & Power-Shift Ergopower cable sets are perfect all your Campagnolo equipment. Pack comprises inner wires and outer cables, brake and gear. Ultra low friction brake cable casings and stainless steel inner brake wires. Outer end caps...
Shimano EW-SD50 E-tube Di2 electric wire
Overview The removal of traditional mechanical cables in favour of electrical wires not only eliminates poor shifting caused by contaminates, corrosion and stretching, but provides effortless gear shifts E-tube Di2 uses a fully removable individual cable system from the battery...
Inner cable end caps
Pack of 10 anti fray end caps.
Shimano SIS SP40 outer gear casing sealed cap with tongue and rubber shield
Three-pack of sealed outer casing end caps for use with gear outer casing Suitable for SP40 / 41 outer casing with 4 mm outer diameter Tongue and shield caps prevent ingress of corrosion-causing water and dirt into cable outer
Shimano Road / MTB tandem stainless steel gear inner wire, 1.2 x 3000 mm, single
Steel tandem inner gear cable for smooth and lasting shifting performance Steel tandem length inner wire with anti corrosion treatment Suitable for front or rear mechs, just cut to fit Use with SP41 gear cable outer 1.2 mm x3000 mm...
Trivio cable wrap
Protect your precious bike frame against the wear of cables. These rubber protectors fit each cable and provide a soft contact between cable and frame. They are supplied as a set of four so that you can provide both brake...
Shimano SM-CB70 Inline brake cable adjusters, pair
High grade barrel adjuster can be installed inline on SLR or M-System brake cable to allow fine adjustment of brakes
Shimano Road / MTB Stainless Steel SUS Shift Inner Cable 1.2mm x 2100mm
Shimano Stainless Steel SUS Shift Inner Cable 1.2mm x 2100mm Shimano shift inner cable made of stainless steel with excellent anti-rust protection (SUS). And with 2100 mm length, enough for front derailleur or rear derailleur. Incl. End Cap. Features - Shimano...
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Transfil Shimano KBLE MTB Brake Cable Kit
The Transfil Shimano K.ble Brake Cable Set is manufactured from the highest quality materials and are designed to the precise specifications of Shimano mechanical brake performance. This cable set is guaranteed to provide slick and smooth braking performance and as...
Shimano SM-GM02 Grommet for EW-SD50
E-tube Di2 internal cable routing grommets to protect the wires as they enter the frame from snagging Protective solution that is quick and easy to install To fit 7 x 8 mm oval frame hole diameter
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Campagnolo Inner Gear Cable
When all you need to do replace is the inner cable, these genuine Campagnolo replacements will keep you going for many miles to come. Key Features: Genuine Campagnolo spare parts. Low friction stainless steel construction. Gear cable for all Campagnolo...
Transfil Shimano K.ble Brake Cable Set - Black - 1600mm, Black
Features: Stainless Steel inner wires Made to the exact spec as Shimano original equipment MTB Pack contains 2 stainless steel brake inner wires 1700mm 1 indexed black outer casing 1800mm 10 self-locking casing caps 2 cable caps Road Pack contains...
GORE RideOn Low Friction Kit Derailleur Cables
For use only on road bikes, this high performance cable system replaces galvanized, stainless steel, and other coated cables Patented cable coating technology designed for low friction and durability
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