Shimano Shift Cable Housing Dura-Ace Ot-Rs900 240mm Red

Shimano Shift Cable Housing Dura-Ace Ot-Rs900 240mm Red

  • €6.95

The radius of the curved cable, which is laid to the rear derailleur (RD-R9100), becomes smaller compared to the radius produced with other rear derailleurs. The OT-SP41 outer cover used at häufig is too stiff for such a small radius, causing technical problems in the cable adjusting screw and hindering quick installation and removal of the rear wheel. By using the OT-RS900 such problems can be avoided, because the OT-RS900 has a smaller Steifigkeit. OT-RS900 should only be used on the rear derailleur side. It should not be used on the shifter/brake handle side. 
The length of the OT-RS900 should be adjusted according to the bicycle frame size. This is necessary for optimum performance. The OT-RS900 should be cut through from the correct side when adjusting the length. One of the two ends is flammbehandelt. This flammbehandelte end is inserted into the derailleur/ derailleur adjustment screw and should therefore remain there.



  • special outer shell for the narrow radius of Dura Ace RD-R9100 rear derailleurs
  • lower stiffness than OT-SP41 outer shell

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