Sapim Laser Spokes
Black Double butted 2.0mm - 1.5mm - 2.0mm Weight: 281g (64x260mm) Fatigue Tests: 1.2 Million Revolutions Strength Tests: 1500 N/mm2 Supplied with Silver 12mm Brass Nipples
Sapim Race Spokes
A butted spoke is drawn to its specific profile, which defines its high strength. Race is the most popular double butted spoke of Sapim. Build up tension is easy. Much less torsion and not as elastic as the Laser spokes...
Sold Out
Mavic Tracomp Rings and Clips - 99693801
This is a pair of replacement rings and clips for R-SYS wheels with TraComp Spokes.Contains 2 rings and at least 4 red plastic clips.Mavic Part #: 996 938 01From Mavic tech:With the R-Sys Tracomp concept, the nipple and the tubular...
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