Presta Schrader Valve Adapter
Valuable piece of kit to have in a saddle bag so if get puncture can get full pressure into new tube at a garage.
BBB Tubeless Valves BTI-159 (2 pcs)
The Tubeless Valves BTI-159 feature a rubber squared base fora better seal and NSL-technology for better airflow. The core is removable and the valve shaft is made of brass. 2 pieces per set.
Zefal Z-Sealant 240ml
Puncture prevention sealant Z-Sealant was designed for preventing punctures. For use with an inner-tube it needs to be injected into the valve using the nozzle provided or into the side of the tyre for a tubeless system, helping to prevent...
BBB BTI-151 Tubeless Rim Tape - 10m
The Rim Tape is a necessity on every wheel. The High pressure adhesive RimTape is long enough to fit every bike and makes sure your innertube will be protected and stays in its place. Two rolls per set to get...
Nutrak Magic Milk Tubeless Tyre Sealant
A synthetic latex sealant ideal for all tubeless conversions Seals holes upto 3mm Lightweight formula ideal for XC race, and even road bikes Use 60ml for 26"and 27.5", and 700c hybrid, 80ml for 29" MTB
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Cyclon Tyre Sealant 1000ml
Cyclon Tire Sealant for tread holes up to 6 mm. Product ApplicationCan be used for tube-less conversions as well as for wheels with an inner and outer tire. For use in MTB and in Race tires. Product CharacteristicsClose holes in...
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Miche Vibro Stop Valve Sticker
Size: 35 **Price is for pair of stickers**Rattle in your deep section rim... chances are its the valve hitting the inside of the rim. The little sticker solves this problem....
Weldtite Rubber Solution
Fast drying vulcanising rubber solution. Suitable for all patches except PVC.
Zefal Soft PVC Rim Tape
Soft and elastic, for an easy mounting, the Soft Rim Tapes are resistant to high pressure (8 bar / 116 psi) and puncture. The PVC material provides an excellent resistance to high temperatures during braking.
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Cyclon Tyre Repair Gel
Cyclon Tyre Repair Gel for sealing small (not larger than 2mm) holes in both tubeless tyres and inner tubes. Quick effect, easy to take with you. Manual The valve must be put on the upper side of the tyre; Plug...
Challenge Latex Tubes
Lighter, softer, more supple (#) The lighter, softer, more supple tube reduces rolling resistance and improves comfort, traction and cornering. This is because latex extends and expands 7 to 8 times its original size, whereas butyl only about 1.5 times, which means...
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Tubless Repair Kit
The Tubeless Repair Kit is a kit of tools essential for repairing a MTB tubeless tyre. The kit includes 6 plugs (3 x Ø 2mm + 3 x Ø 4mm) and the needle tool, needed to insert the plug in...
Tubless Conversion Kit 29 Sealant
The Tubeless Kit contains everything that is needed to converts rims and wheels (TLR or Tubeless ready or UST compatible) into tubeless. Tubeless rim tape (available in sizes: 27.5" and 29") has been designed to ensure the tyre is sealed to and...
Schwalbe Doc Blue Tubeless Sealant - 60ml
Think of Schwalbe's Doc Blue Tubeless Sealant as a liquid patch: it gets to work quickly and reliably, sealing puncture holes in tubeless, tubed, and tubular setups. For tyres up to 56mm (width), one 60ml dose of Schwalbe's Doc Blue...
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