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Bike7 dry lube

  • €14.95

Long term lubrication for dry weather conditions.
After thorough cleaning you need to lubricate your bicycle. Most lubricants are not pressure-resistant. this means the lubricating effect is lost as soon as pressure is exerted. so choose
durable lubrication with lubricate.
Lubricate is a transparent lubricant with PTFE to eliminate sustained friction. Lubricate Wet is an adhesive lubricant with high penetrating power for deep lubrication.
• First clean the parts to be lubricated with Degrease, then dry with compressed air or let it to dry off by itself!
• Shake well before use!
• Use Lubricate Wet in the middle of your chain, while the chain spins.
• To guarantee an optimal, lasting lubrication, allow 10 minutes after use before riding and remove remaining moist.

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