Prologo Dimension AGX 143 Tirox
Dimension AGX 143 Tirox After becoming the official techincal partner for the Strade Bianche, Prologo knew they needed to create a saddle to match the intensity, varying terrain and gruelling nature of this prestigious race. From this they created their...
Prologo Kappa RS Black Saddle
Use: Road / MTB Covering: Microfiber Padding: Light PU Shell: Nylon Rail: Pro Standard - Ø7 mm (black) Dimensions: 265 x 147 mm Weight (manufacturer): 295 gr. Color: Black
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Prologo Kappa Space T2.0
Kappa Space T2.0 The Kappa Space T2.0 expands on the comfort and practicality of the Kappa Evo range by maximising the anatomical design and comfort. It features a wider central tunnel which eliminates pressure spikes and numbness. This increases overall...
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Prologo OneTouch Bar Tape
Prologue's patented one touch tape is made from Poly grip – a foam core sandwiched with an outer layer of durable polyurethane The tape has a soft, knurled, micro diamond texture, meaning it offers an extremely high level of grip...
Prologo Proxim W350 T2.0
Proxim W350 When Prologo decided to enter the E-Bike market, the specifics of the saddle were not just passing thoughts. They launched a design challenge at the Politecnico University of Milan - The biggest design college in Italy. This 360deg...
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Prologo Scratch - 2 Pas Tirox 280*134 Black Saddle
The Zero II PAS TiroX is equipped with PAS system. A processing of the base of the saddle, the channel has been designed to eliminate pressure to a zone of support delicate as the pelvic area.The TiroX rails of a...
Prologo Scratch M5 140 CPC Tirox
The Scratch M5 is the new line of saddles that use 4.0 technologies; innovative in terms of size, shape and ergonomics, they are suitable for multiple uses. Thanks to the new “T SHAPE” design, size and ergonomics the M5 Scratch...
Prologo Zero Dea Tirox
Zero DEA Tirox The Zero DEA is designed specifically for the female anatomy, and can be used in a variety of disciplines. The flat shape of the saddle is designed for performance and is recommended for shorter distances and for...
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