Shimano GRX 810 double groupset

  • €1,250.00



SHIMANO GRX, with its gravel specific ergonomics, optimized gearing options, rugged reliability, and quiet and stable drivetrain, sets itself apart from the rest of the component world. It isn’t a reworked set of road components. It represents a ground up look at how cyclists want to explore their world. SHIMANO GRX helps you eliminate excuses, instead urging you to try that rough sidetrack or ride that little bit longer. It offers you the option to Explore Beyond.

RX8102LR ST-RX810 GRX 2-speed STI bled with BR-RX810 flat mount calliper, left rear (Code: RX8102LR)
RX8102RF ST-RX810 GRX 11-speed STI bled with BR-RX810 flat mount calliper, right front 
RDRX810 RD-RX810 GRX 11-speed rear derailleur, Shadow+, for double 
FDRX810F FD-RX810 GRX front mech, 11-speed double, down pull, braze-on 
FCRX8102C81 FC-RX810 GRX chainset 48 / 31, double, 11-speed, Hollowtech II, 
CSR8000130 CS-R8000 Ultegra 11-speed cassette 11 - 30T 
CNHG701116Q CN-HG701 Ultegra 6800 / XT M8000 chain with quick link, 11-speed, 116L, SIL-TEC 

Not included,

Rotors,Hubs,Bottom Bracket.

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