Shimano BT-DN110-1 E-Tube Di2 Internal Battery-Shimano-Chain Driven Cycles

Shimano BT-DN110-1 E-Tube Di2 Internal Battery

  • €159.00

Integrated battery of the latest generation, which is sunk in the seat post or the steerer tube. With the internally laid cable results in a tidy look of the road bike. The integration of the battery in the frame also reduces the number of attachments that are in the wind.

For the top groups Dura Ace Di2, XTR Di2 and the upper middle class Ultegra Di2 and XT Di2 Shimano uses only the best battery technology! Therefore, the battery consists of two high-quality lithium-ion cells. These cells offer a high capacity and thus keep about 2000 km with numerous switching operations.

The lithium-ion technology allows the battery to be used in a wide temperature range of -20 to 60 C and therefore to use in every season.

Bluetooth technology allows drivers and mechanics to communicate wirelessly with the Di2 system by connecting the wireless unit in the SC-MT800 or the EW-WU101 to a tablet or smartphone.

  • The power house of Shimano Di2 is a long-life 7.4V Li-Ion battery that is both compact and reliable, taking shifting effort away from you
  • Excellent sealing and reliability have been proven through repeated field tests in various riding conditions, including extreme temperatures, rain, mud, and cobble stone roads
  • Using a hard wired battery system which is both light weight and accurate compared to current wireless technology (as a wireless system would require 4 batteries: one for the RD, one for the FD, and one for each shift lever)
  • The use of a single small and discreet internal battery is light weight, efficient and creates a robust and reliable system
  • One charge can give between 1000 and 2000 kilometre range depending on conditions and front mech operation (as this is the main power drain)
  • 500 times rechargeable life
  • Internal chip enables system wireless functionality of Bluetooth components
  • Battery is to be mounted with seatpost or frame/fork manufactures hardware normally inside the seatpost or seat tube/fork steerer
  • Reliable and secure water resistant E-tube terminals connection
  • Charging is done via stem junction or handlebar display
  • Battery weight is 50 grams

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