SG-2200 2200 Lumen LED Helmet/Bike Light

  • €89.00

As our best mountain bike light, SG-T2200 gets many outstanding features:

Separated/Independent Strobe Button

SG-T2200 has two switches, and one especially for “Strobe” Modes. This is quite different from other led bike lights in the market which use one for all modes (high/mid/low/strobe or more). 

SG-T2200 Front Side
SG-T2200 Front Side
SG-T2200 Backside
SG-T2200 Backside
sg-t2200 bike light with sanguan logo
xm-l bike light sg-t2200

mount sg-t2200 onto bike handlebar
Mount sg-t2200 onto bike handlebar

Dual Switch, Yellow Button for strobe.Dual Switch, Yellow Button for strobe.

IP67  Waterproof Battery Pack


Power Indicator Function

As mentioned, SG-T2200 is with dual switch, yellow button for strobe, and the green button for mode selection. While the green button is quite complex than that. The button is also with an internal LED work as power indicator. When the battery is full power the light is green, Blue for 70%, yellow for 40%, and red for 10% (when the color turn red, the light can work for another 15mins). So please arrange your cycling course accordingly.

Long Working Time

T2200 is powered by 6*18650 6600mAh li-ion batteries, it can work for about 3 hours on “high”  mode, and 60 hours on low mode. Usually if your battery is fully charged, it won’t be a problem in terms of running time. As the LED for SG-T2200 is now updated to Cree XM-L2 LED, a low mode can even do the job for outdoor cycling.


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