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Saris Locking Cable

  • €39.99

The ideal complement for your Saris bike rack, this whopping Locking Cable will make sure that your bike stays secure and safe on every journey, tethering it down for additional peace of mind when transporting your ride to its next race.

Superbly Secure Steel Locking Cable

A brilliant secondary level of security agaaist theft, this eight-foot long, 10mm thick braided stainless steel cable will loop and lock your bike in place in conjunction with your racks own straps and fastenings, for that extra bit of protection from opportunists. Coming with 2 keys for locking and unlocking the cable, this is a great option to help keep your bike safe and sound when on the go.


  • Material: 10mm Braided Stainless Steel locking cable
  • Length: 8-foot long
  • Keys: 2 keys included

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