Paragon C40 40mm 700c Full Pr

Paragon C40 40mm 700c Full Pr

  • €35.99

Our mudguards with stays will bring you satisfaction via top-level protection and the high quality mounting system. Available in 2 sizes, 40mm or 52mm.

40 and 52mm Widths: For city and leisure bikes.

U Stays: Keep the mudguard rigid.

Reflective Parts: Better safety via increased visibility.

Bike Protection: The mudguardムs lower extension protects the front derailleur.

Wheel Cover: Better protection of the rider and following companions by covering more than 80% of the wheel.

Made for 28" Universal.

  • Material: Technopolymer resin
  • Fixation: Fixtures
  • Weight: C40: 436gr / C50: 498g pr
  • Blade Width: 40mm or 52mm
  • Wheel Dia: 700c

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