Juice Lube Suspension Fork Lube 400ml-Juice-Chain Driven Cycles

Juice Lube Suspension Fork Lube 400ml

  • €12.00

Fork Juice suspension lube is a quick, easy, great value prevention or cure for stiction related suspension problems by reducing the friction between stanchion and seals.

Improving small dump sensitivity means for your arms and hands is a smoother bar feel as small bumps that weren’t previously large enough to get the suspension moving now result in very small suspension movement. So it’s the suspension absorbing these little hits and not you.

It helps eliminate the negative effects of tight seals on new forks while they are still bedding in, so you get better performance straight out of the box and as a race prep it keeps your suspension running smoother and faster during your run.

Using Fork Juice reduces the chances of dirt sticking to the stanchion in the first place which means less chance of scratching them and less muck in the internals, so you get better performance for longer!

Application is simple - wipe any residual dirt or grease off the stanchions and shock shaft and then make sure you cover up your brake disks and pads.

Re-apply as required by frequency of riding, distance covered, terrain and conditions.

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