BBB BTL-45 T Hex Wrench
T-handle allen wrench With ball head for hard to reach bolt heads Handle made of durable composite material 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 mm
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Zefal ZB twist brush
The ZB Twist Brush is a double-headed brush with nylon fibres which is ideal for getting out mud and dirt from the pedals,spoke or disc brakes. The two heads can be rotated and adjusted meaning it can be used in...
BBB BTL-13 Hexagon Hex Key
DETAILS. Large size hex key. Ideal for removing the Hex bolt from the cranks. Sizes: 6, 8 and 10mm
BBB Discstraight Rotor Truing Tool BTL-74
BBB DiscStraight is a workshop quality tool ideal for Professional or Home mechanics alike. Disc rotor straightening tool to straighten a bended disc rotor. Ideal solution when a replacement disc is not available. Ergonomic Kraton grip. BTL-74 - DiscStraight.
Juice Lubes Brake Juice
The nightclub bouncer for buggered brakes. Brake Juice is a dirty great big can of ‘sorry mate, not tonight’ for squeaky stoppers and dicky discs, standing guard in your tool box ready for trouble. Brake Juice drives out grime and...
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Zefal Z levers Tyre levers
Highly resistant and unbreakable, their thin shape provides an easy passage between the rim and tire, without damaging them. The hook end is reversible and allows dismantling and reassembling the tire.
SuperB TB-6617
•For Shimano® octalink and ISIS Drive® system. •Use with a 8 mm hex key wrench or 15 mm spanner.
Cyclo Bottom Bracket Tool ISIS Fit
The Cyclo Isis Bottom Bracket Remover is made from aluminium alloy giving it superior strength, while being incredibly lightweight. Made to be used in conjunction with the retainer tool and screw-in adaptor, this remover is perfect for removing Shimano bottom...
KMC MissingLink Remover
This handy tool will make changing and repairing your KMC chains easier and quick. It's one of those essential tools you should keep in the tool kit! KMC Missing Link Chain Pliers Features:Ideal tool for adjustments and repairs to KMC...
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Juice Lubes The Scrubber From Another Mother, Cassette Brush
This is a cassette brush - the hook end is super handy for raking gunk out of your cassette and also pretty handy for that same job elsewhere on your drive train. Use the brush end for varying levels of...

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