Zooom Electric Scooter

  • €499.00

Also, available on our Electric Scooter 10 Month Payment Plan

Very popular scooter! Our Scooters are light in weight making it easy for you to carry around. The folding steerer tube make this scooter perfect for transporting in cars, trains, buses or simple compact storage at home.

With the battery located in the steerer the Zooom scooter has much better clearance in  avoiding hitting kerbs and damaging the battery. 

The battery can be charged while on the scooter or removed from the steerer tube for easy charging.


  • Battery: 250W
  • Three level settings to control the power output: Beginner, Normal and Sports mode. 
  • Charge Time: 4-5 hrs (full charge)
  • Max Speed: 25km/hr
  • Front LED light
  • Rear Brake light (lights up when braking)
  • Mudguards (rear mudguard also acts as extra foot brake)
  • Disc Brake Rear 
  • Hub Motor in front wheel
  • Kickstand for parking

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