Electric Scooter 10 Month Payment Plan

  • €114.00

Payment plan products currently available:

  • - Zooom Electric Scooter €114 + (10 x €40 monthly)

The 10 Month Payment Plan

This is not a hire purchase agreement. It's simply a way to spread the cost of your purchase over 10 months, completely interest free without any complicated finance agreements. Please see below, for the steps to complete your purchase.

  1. Please select the product you require.

  2. Proceed to the checkout, where the initial deposit amount is paid.

  3. When notification of the order is received, a member of the team will contact you, using the details you provided at checkout.

  4. Your details are then input into our payment system, to schedule the rest of the installments over the subsequent 10 month period. You can choose either the 15th or the 28th of the month as the scheduled payment date.

  5. Once the payment schedule is set up, the order is shipped that day, or at a date convenient to you.

Please Note:

Customer details are secured and hidden upon entry into the payment system.

Deposit includes a €15 payment plan administration fee.

If you any questions about the 10 Month Payment Plan, please contact us by phone:  (071) 9129008, or email: info@chaindrivencycles.com.

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